BE KAUKAU PY is a special binding book with special color printing published by KAUKAU as a photographs archive of 28–6–2014 The project started from an English newspaper we received in Pyongyang, 28–6–2014. The deconstructed daily news made a huge graphica noise on every inside pages. In the meanwhile, 20 photos were selected out of thousand photos we took. Putting these photos withrandom people’s back view on every outside page, a hybrid of power and constrain was emerged.

BE KAUKAU PY 是一本由KAUKAU出版的专色印刷的筒装书,一本属于2014年6月28日这一天的平壤街头摄影档案。这个项目开始于一份去平壤旅游时收到的当日英文版平壤时报,结合20张平壤街头的背影摄影。筒装页内侧的报纸文本内容经过平面手段处理后被符号化,爆炸式地与外侧安静祥和的背影形成巨大的反差。